Atlas 50 003 750 11,000 Gal Tank Car PPG Chemicals N Gauge



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The 11,000 gallon LPG tank car was introduced by ACF in 1947. Many thousands were built up through the mid-1950s.

The Atlas model faithfully reproduces this late steam/early diesel era tank car in two versions (with and without platform rails). The cars with top platform rails were used where there was no elevated loading/unloading facility. The cars without the top platform rails were often specified for customers that had access to elevated loading and unloading facilities.

PPG Chemicals (Red/White/Black)


Finely moulded handrails
Tank fittings and safety placards
50-ton friction-bearing bogies with AccuMate® couplers
Accurate painting and lettering
Platform where appropriate



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Dimensions 17 × 5 × 3 cm