InFront Models 1976 McWilliams Wines 46000 Litre Rail Tank Car Kit



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Looking to expand their privately own fleet of rail tank cars, McWilliams Wines had three purpose built tank wagons by Tullochs of Rhodes in 1976. Based on a successful design of a semi-under frameless concept, the wine producer took delivery of three tank wagons, each with a capacity of 46000 litres. The wagons ran between Yenda and Sydney and saw service up till 2003. A serious accident saw all three tank wagons involved in a derailment, which resulted with all being written off. The wagons had a distinct trait as with all of the McWilliams tank wagons; all had roman numerals painted on each side to identify each wagon. The tank wagons were marked IX, X and XI. Many a yarn has been told of train crew squabbling over getting the last of the dregs of a empty tank.
InFront models has developed a kit for the modeller to add to their rolling stock roster. The kit features quality urethane castings, lost wax brass castings, brass etches, decals, instructions, couplers and more. Also, to assist in assembling the kit; a soldering jig and drill temple are included in the kit to achieve accurate alignment of the standoff bars to the tank and the brake wheel assembly. High quality bogies will be included from SDS Models.

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