SDS Models SRA 81 Class Locomotive HO



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Meticulous research, meticulous design and precise livery application. This model is an extremely accurate representation of the SRA 81 class diesel electric locomotive, scale fidelity at its finest.
Models are factory fitted with an 21 pin board with either a DC plug or a ESU DCC sound decoder featuring locally recorded and developed Profound Sound.
4 distinct body types represent design changes covering all periods of service and colour schemes. The models feature a common design DCC motherboard allowing for lighting control of headlights, illuminated number boxes, white and red marker lights and ditch lights.

Model Features:

Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

Precisely tooled plastic body (ABS)

Diecast metal chassis with dual sound enclosure

4 car body styles tooled representing all livery applications

Genuine Kadee scale head whisker coupler

Blackened semi scale metal wheels

Separately applied metal detail parts

Stainless steel handrails and plastic brake piping

Brass Horns

Highly detailed bogie frames and separately applied brake parts.

5-Pole skew wound electric motor and dual flywheels

All wheel drive and electrical pickup

LED headlights, marker lights, number boxes and ditch lights

Separately applied air hoses

Detailed cab interior

Factory painted and decorated, 13 liveries available

Custom numbering option

Standard with 21 pin mother board

18” Minimum radius recommended

Available in DC or DCC Sound options (Note: DCC Sound and liveries other than candy are currently delayed)

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 6 cm
Number / Livery

8101 Mk 1 Candy, 8104 Mk1 Candy, 8109 Mk 2 Candy, 8111 Mk 2 Candy, 8115 Mk 1 Candy, 8123 Mk 1 Candy, 8136 Mk 2 Candy, 8142 Mk 2 Candy, 8120 Bicentennial, 8172 Bicentennial, 8172 Freight Rail, 8177 Freight Rail


DC, DCC Sound