Ixion Models C32 Class HO Locomotive



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This is a model of the New South Wales Government Railways’ low-frame 32 Class 4-6-0 mixed traffic locomotive.

The 32 Class, introduced as the ‘P’ Class in the 1892, became the universal workhorse of the NSW railways. They worked express passenger, local passenger, goods and branchline mixed trains across virtually the entire system. The ‘low frame’ designation indicates that these engines have the original chassis frames as extended and reinforced when superheating was fitted, requiring an extended smokebox. Later in their working life, cracked frames became a problem and many engines were re-framed, resulting also in a raising of the boiler centre line by 4 inches. These ‘high frame’ varaiants are not represented by this model.

Two tender variations are available. Some locos continued, or were refitted with an original P Class six-wheel tender to the end of their working lives. These engines were used on lines which only had the older 50′ turntables, preventing a 32 with the longer bogie tender being turned at the terminus. Most 32 Class locos were later fitted with the 3650 Gallon bogie tender. This design was later used also on the 50 Class (introduced as the ‘T’ Class), and so the tender is also known by many modellers as a ‘T Class’ or ‘ex-50 Class’ tender.

One low frame 32 Class is preserved and operational. This loco, 3265, is modelled in its beautiful preserved lined maroon livery, itself a faithful recreation of the special express passenger livery it wore in the 1930s.



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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm
32 Class

3266 Green Bogie Tender, 3298 Black Bogie Tender, 3333 Black Bogie tender, 3201, 3239, 3264, 3307 Black 6 wheel tender, 3372 Black 6 wheel tender