Walthers Cornerstone Union Station 933-3094 HO Building Kit



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Product Information
For generations of travellers, Union Station was the magical gateway to and from the world. The Walthers Cornerstone Union Station will be the gateway to your layout! Here is where the journeys of the finest trains on the line started and ended. Where travellers rushed to make their connections. And thousands of commuters began and ended their workday. Where space was limited in larger towns and cities, two or more railroads would often combine their resources to build and operate major terminal stations. Monuments to the power and success of railroading, they also projected the spirit of the community they served and the promise of excellent service for anyone who travelled by train. Union Station is a fitting tribute to the grand terminals that served railroading for over 100 years. Whether your line runs heavyweights and steam, the flashy diesel streamliners of the 40s and 50s, or any of the colourful schemes and equipment of the Amtrak or VIA era, Union Station is an ideal focal point for passenger operations. Designed to capture the look and feel of similar prototypes across America, it puts big detail in a small space without overwhelming your layout. If space is limited, it can be the focal point of operations for an entire layout. And best of all, this unique kit is based on an American prototype, so it looks right and fits perfectly without kitbashing. All the classic design elements are here, from the tall support columns to the nonworking clock on the roof. Each wall captures the look of cut-stone construction and is moulded in colour so painting is an option. Separate doors and windows, along with moulded-in cut lines on the back of each wall simplify customising. The large roof is neatly detailed with large skylights and numerous vents to make it more realistic. End-door canopies, realistic decals and many other details are also included.

North American Prototype
Ornate front entrance with realistic cut-stone wall detail
Fits steam or diesel-era layouts from the 1900s and beyond
Realistic decals
realistic columns, canopies and non-working clock detail
Easy-to-build plastic kit
Moulded in appropriate colours

As shown the kit measures:  49.3 x 20.6 x 17.5cm

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 28 × 10 cm