Walthers 933-3081 Pellet Transfer Facility HO



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Modelling a modern Plastic Pellet Transfer is easy with this Walthers Cornerstone kit! Derived from crude oil, plastics are first formed into tiny pellets which become the raw materials for everything from soda bottles to model railroad equipment. Lightweight and easily handled by pneumatic systems, the pellets are shipped in bulk in covered hoppers and stored on-site in vertical storage tanks. Large air compressors power these facilities, which feature a number of delivery pipes and control valves. When assembled, the Plastic Pellet Transfer is great by itself at trackside as a truck reload point for local deliveries. It’s easily combined with other big industrial buildings, especially those in modern industrial parks, to create a custom plastics plant anywhere along your line. You can also use it model other types of pneumatic storage and delivery systems like those found at commercial bakeries, flour mills, chemical or fertilizer plants and many, many other industries found at modern industrial parks. The Plastic Pellet Transfer kit includes four storage silos, unloading piping for two hopper cars, walkways and railings, a compressor shed, piping and decal signs. Plus, moulded-in cut lines are provided to make kit bashing fast and easy.

Fits 1970s to present
Four tall storage silos
Includes loading rack for two cars with piping and compressor shed
Overhead walkways
Decal signs
Easy-to-build plastic kit
Moulded in appropriate colours

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 51 × 34 × 10 cm