Austrains PMX ‘Out of Gauge’ Steel Plate Carrier


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Two Packs Avaliable.

PMX Pack 1, PMX 29501, PMX 29505, PMX 29535

PMX Pack 2, PMX 29502, PMX 29522, PMX 29539


With an increase in the early 1960’s of the maximum sheet width coming out of the Pt Kembla Steelworks to 10’6” the railways needed a wagon to carry this width sheet without resorting to expensive well type wagons or difficult to schedule ‘Out of Gauge’ trains.

Perway Workshops were given the task of converting 13 wagons from HME type Flat wagons. Originally coded PME, they were later recoded PMX for bogie exchange. The support frame was designed to be removable, the load braces attached to the deck by clips. The support frame is set at an angle of 26.6 degrees.
Some of these wagons are still operational under Pac. Nat. ownership.

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 6 cm
Austrains PMX