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A complete workshop driven by a powerful steam engine. The countershaft fitted under the roof, drives the circular saw, the two wheel grinder, the drilling machine and the hack saw, like in grandpa’s days.
Technical details: mirror polished and nickelplated boiler, diameter 55 mm, length 135 mm, boiler capacity 320 cm³, with water gauge glass. The boiler house is true to life, coloured and copperplated with embossed brick type walls, 2 footbridges with ladder. Double-action reversible brass cylinder with flywheel, spring loaded safety valve, pressure gauge, flywheel of 80 mm diameter with grooved pulley, steam jet oiler. All condensed water is collected in a gathering tray below the smoke stack and the waste steam is exhausted through the smoke stack.
Finely painted metal base plate 440 x 230 mm.
Height 320 mm.

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Dimensions 50 × 30 × 40 cm