Tamiya 60402 Space Shuttle Atlantis 1/100



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Space Shuttle Atlantis

NASA’s space shuttle was first launched on April 12, 1981 and the fleet has accomplished numerous historic missions throughout their 30 years of service. The spacecraft conducted the latest research and played an important role in building the largest structure in space thus far, the International Space Station. The final space shuttle mission ended on July 21, 2011 with the flight of the Atlantis and the shuttle fleet is now destined for public display in museums across the United States. 1/100 scale plastic assembly kit
Length 373mm, wingspan 238mm
Markings can depict the Atlantis during its last flight in July 2011, as well as the Discovery and Endeavour
Newly-designed parts are included to depict the equipment which the Atlantis carried on its last flight, including the “Raffaello” Multipurpose Logistics Module (MPLM), the Orbiter Docking System (ODS), the Lightweight Multipurpose Experiment Support Structure Carrier (LMC), and the Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS)
The payload cargo bay can be loaded with the detachable MPLM and features doors that can be opened
The main engine nozzles are movable
Comes with a display stand allowing you to pose the model on the ground or in-flight
2 astronaut figures included



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