Tamiya 78019 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 1/350



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The World’s Largest “Submarine Carrier”
The I-400 was a submarine the likes of which the world had never seen before. At the time of their completion, the I-400 and her sister ships were the largest, and arguably the most advanced submarines in the world. With a 122m length, 12m width, and 6,560 ton displacement, their size rivalled that of destroyers of the time and their amazing endurance could allow them to traverse the globe one and a half times. Loaded with 3 Seiran bombers, the planned attack on the Panama Canal was only moments away from reality. Diverted to attack the gathering Allied invasion fleet at Ulithi, the war ended before the submarines could launch their strike. However, the I-400 class submarines’ technological advances were recognized and it can be said that they helped influence the development of nuclear ballistic submarines after the war.

Crane can be posed in both extended and stored positions even after assembly. Crane arm and hook are depicted by precision photo-etched parts.

Hangar door can be posed in both opened and closed positions. Inner part of hangar door details, as well as propellers and trolleys for the Seiran aircraft are all depicted by photo-etched parts. Conning tower bristles with antenna and snorkel details, as well as the single 25mm gun mount. Periscope can be modeled in up or down positions.

Three triple-mount 25mm AA guns feature meticulous detail thanks to the use of advanced laser processing techniques.

The submarine’s screw propellers are also highly detailed, and the rudder is installed via polycap, allowing it to be fully movable.

This area shows the 8 torpedo tubes and the diving planes, which can be modelled in the extended or retracted positions.

Just like the actual submarine, 3 Seiran aircraft with wings folded can be stored inside the hangar

A full set of photo-etched parts including crane arm, various antennae, and Seiran propellers are included with this kit for the most realistic finish possible.

1/350 scale assembly kit model.
Length 348.5mm
Hull comprised of upper and lower sections for ease of assembly.
Hangar features realistic interior details and can store 3 Seiran aircraft.
Parts included for 2 Seiran aircraft with wings extended, which can be posed on the catapult or on the included display stand.
Large set of precision-made photo-etched parts included for the ultimate finish.
Features such as the crane and antennae can be posed in extended or retracted positions.
Includes special display stand.

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