Trumpeter 09588 T-80BVM MBT 1/35



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Russian T-80BVM MBT(Marine Corps)

The T-80BVM is an upgraded version of the T-80BV main battle tank. It was first publicly revealed in 2017. The upgraded T-80BVM has slightly improved armor protection. It is fitted with Relikt explosive reactive armour kit. The same armour is used by the latest Russian main battle tanks, such as T-90M and T-90MS. However the T-80BVM was the first operational tank to be fitted with this new explosive reactive armour. The Relikt provides protection against tandem warheads and reduces penetration of APFSDS rounds by over 50%. The tank is fitted with rubber side skirts, with built-in armour plates. Rear parts of the hull and turret are covered by cage armour. The T-80BVM is reportedly fitted with a passive countermeasures system, which improved protection against some types of anti-tank guided missiles.

Scale 1:35
Length: 280.2mm Width: 106.8mm
Total Parts 970+
Metal Parts copper cable
Photo Etched Parts 2 pcs
Total Sprues 30 sprues and lower hull

Plastic model kit requires glue and paint to complete (not included)

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 29 × 9 cm