Tamiya 35257 T-55A Russian Medium Tank 1/35



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T-55 production began in 1958, as opposition between western countries and the Soviet Union grew. It was easy to produce and featured an oblique front hull wall, a compact hull and a semi-spherical turret to limit vulnerability. The T-55 was also well armed with a 100mm main gun. In the early 60’s, the T-55A with anti-radiation internal liner and anti-radiation cover on the tank commander cupola was developed. T-55 and T-55A were also license built by Czechoslovakia and Poland and some received various improved equipment resulting in many sub-types. T-55 production continued until the late 70’s and equipped the armies of over 40 countries. It was used in various wars such as the Middle-East Wars and the Gulf War and is still in service today in some countries.

This model features:
The unique form of this tank has been accurately replicated.
You can choose between several versions, with or without a DShK-M anti-aircraft machinegun, of the T-55 and T-55A.
You will also be able to represent Polish or Czechoslovakian built versions.
Every characteristic of the T-55A such as the engine grills and external fuel tanks has been reproduced down to the finest details.
One tank crew chief figure and decals for 5 different markings are included.

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