Tamiya 35242 Leopard 2 A5 Main Battle Tank 1/35



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The Leopard 2 is the main battle tank of the German Army and has the most powerful performance among modern tanks. The A5 is its latest version which will surely last well into the 21st century. It features add-on wedge-shaped armour on the front and sides of the turret, electric main gun stabilizer, etc. With these, defence and commander’s firing control systems have been significantly improved on the A5 version, which started to be deployed to the German Army at the end of 1995.

This construction kit captures the authentic image of Leopard 2 A5 in detail.
Overall length: 275mm, overall width: 108mm.
All of the features like the add-on wedge-shaped turret armour have been accurately reproduced.
The turret side add-on armour and sliding driver’s hatch are movable.
Gun mantle armoured cover moves in conjunction with the main gun.
Gun-fire simulator and a commander figure are included.

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