Tamiya 32512 WW2 German Inf Set 1/35



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Add Some Character to Your Dioramas!
Introducing a set of 15 high quality plastic assembly figures to our 1/48 MM Series. Models depict 10 early WWII style German soldiers in charging and firing poses, as well as 5 tank crewmen perfect for mounting on 1/48 scale AFV models such as the Tiger I, StuG III and Hetzer. Extremely accurate moulding includes subtle details such as hand grenades and web belts, while separate plastic weapons and equipment are included for added realism.

The standard German infantry uniform worn in the early stages of WWII consisted of the M36 field jacket with dark green collar, matching grey trousers tucked into black leather jackboots, and the characteristically shaped M35 helmet. In the field, soldiers carried equipment including gas mask case, kit bag, shovel, canteen and ammo pouch. While German armoured troops were initially dressed in black fatigues, field grey uniforms were introduced from the mid-stages of the war, and were used primarily by assault gun units

Character Height 37mm

Plastic model kit requires glue and paint to complete (not included)

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