Airfix Supacat Coyote 1:48



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Skill: 3
Flying Hours: 2
Number of Parts: 148
Dimensions (mm): L151 x W50

Developed from the Supacat designed Jackal 2, the Coyote differs from the Jackal through the addition of an extra axle, turning the machine into a 6X6 design.

Its primary role is that of an artillery tractor, with secondary roles of battlefield reconnaissance and assult. It can be fitted with either a .50 Cal heavy machine gun or a 40mm grenade launcher as its primary armament, with general purpose machine gun as a supporting weapon.

Both the Jackal and the Coyote have seen extensive use in Afghanistan where it had proved to be a very useful machine, becoming much loved by its crews.

Speed: 80mph on the road and 49mph cross country
Weight: 10.3 Tons
Size: L7m x W2m
Armament: 1 X 12.7mm Machine Gun or 40mm Grenade Launcher and 1 x 7.62mm GPMG

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