Tamiya 24065 Porsche 959 1/24



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Porsche 959
The Porsche 959 was first unveiled at the 1983 Frankfurt auto show as a study for a full time 4 wheel drive Group B super sports car. Back then, the automobile was still far from being completed and its potential a mystery. The 959’s awesome capabilities matured through thorough research and competition experience with the automobile. It demonstrated its outstanding abilities during the grueling Paris-Dakar Rally, and the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. Porsche has taken their race car technology and put it into the 959, to produce a car that provides every comfort, with smooth running and the low interior noise expected of a road car, while offering high safety reserves. Thus the 959, despite its massive 450hp engine power, can be drive easily at its lower RPM ranges. The 2848cc engine is a descendent of the famous 956 and 962 Porsche Group C racer. It is an air/liquid cooled, flat 6 cylinder, DOHC equipped with two turbochargers, providing a top speed of more than 300km/h. The 959 maintains superb acceleration under all driving conditions, yet it also achieves short braking distances that prove to be a reassuring factor for all classes of drivers. The hollow wheel spokes increase air volume to the brakes and accommodate the fat, low profile Dunlop Denloc tyres, and is equipped with a pressure sensor to detect punctures.

Unassembled plastic pieces attached to sprue trees for organisation.
Parts moulded in silver; clear pieces also included.
Highly accurate display model.
Complete engine detail.
Scale undersurface detailing.
Authentic suspension and interior.
Steerable front wheels.
Hollow wheel spokes increase air volume to brakes.
Rear wing (spoiler) for optimum control at high speeds.
Waterslide decals.
Detailed pictorial instructions.

Plastic model kit requires glue and paint to complete (not included)



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