Meng Kids 001 B-17G Flying Fortress



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The Boeing Company, found almost a century ago, is an American aerospace company that develops and manufactures aircrafts. Now, its commercial jetliners are widely used by airlines in many countries, travelling to different destinations in the world every day. In addition to the commercial airplanes, military airplanes are also one of the major products of the Boeing Company. The B-17 Flying Fortress which became famous during World War II was excellent aircraft made by the Boeing Company.

In the 1940s, the Boeing Company upgraded B-17 to B-17G. This large “Flying Fortress” has quite strong all-metal construction. Thanks to its four-engine layout and fuel tanks in the large wings, it can fly continuously for more than 3000km. Its powerful armament consists of four turrets, thirteen heavy machine guns and up to 7800kg of bombload. During the World War II, B-17s were used by the Allied forces to destroy many German economic and military targets.

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