Kinetic 1/48 Mirage IIIE/O/R/RD/EE/EA



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Product Description

Decal printed by Cartograf.
Decal designed by Syhart Decal, France.

French Markings: 
-Mirage IIIE 4-BL « La Fayette » (Aluminium)
-Mirage IIIR 33-TD « Cocotte » (Speed world record) (Camo High viz)
-Mirage IIIRD 33-TL « Cocotte » (Small markings)

Australia Marking:
-Mirage IIIO 3-7 “2 OCU” RAAF (Grey scheme)

Spain Marking:
-Mirage IIIEE 11-06 “ALA11” (older Camouflage)

Model Features:
1. AIM-9B, Matra 550 missile, RP30 – 1700L tank, Matra JL-100 (rocket launching tank), LAU-32 (rocket launcher pod), RP19R (500L non-jettisonable supersonic tank), Matra RPK10 (bomb launching tank) with MK82 bomb
2. Parts options for:
a. Mirage IIIE, IIIEA
b. Mirage IIIO
c. Mirage IIIR
d. Mirage IIIRD
3. MK4 seat optional ejector handler
4. Positionable flaps
5. Open / close main wing airbrake
6. HUD with clear parts

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