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Scale: 1:48
Skill: 2
Flying Hours: 3
Number of Parts: 443
Dimensions (mm): L340 X W240

At the height of the summer of 1940, the fate of the free world rested upon the skill and courage of just a few young pilots as the RAF stood alone against the might of the as yet undefeated German Luftwaffe. In the air above southern England, Supermarine Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes fought vicious dogfights with the fighters and bombers of the enemy. 

As they wheeled and fought across the sky it was down to a large group of men and women based on the ground to keep these vital aircraft serviceable and armed during these crucial summer months. Refueling was the duty of the then common Albion AM463 refueling truck, which with its three separate hoses was capable of refueling three fighters simultaneously thus speeding up the vital turn around between fighter sorties. The aircraft were rearmed and maintained by armies of fitters and gun crews, feeding thousands of .303 rounds into the gun bays of the waiting fighters. 

Finally, trucks such as the Bedford MWD were used to transport men and equipment across airfields and around the country in this fraught and dangerous time. While the majority of the recognition goes to the pilots of the RAF, who risked everything to defeat the Luftwaffe, the contribution made by the general crews and other ground personnel must not be forgotten, many were killed and injured in the Luftwaffe attacks on airfields and they worked tirelessly to ensure the RAF emerged victorious.

Recreate the action and the history of getting ready for battle in your own diorama using the models supplied in this exciting Gift Set.

This kit contains:

1 x Hawker Hurricane Mk.I – L200 x W255; Pieces 127
1 x Albion AM463 3-Point Fueller – L118 x W45; Pieces 113
1 x Bedford MWD – L89 x W41; Pieces 95
10 x Ground Crew Figures and Accessories – H38; Pieces 108
12 x Acrylic Paints
2 x Brushes
2 x Poly Cement

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