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The P-47D was a workhorse of the U.S. Army Air Force during the last half of World War II saw action in both the European and Pacific theatres of the war.

Although its 2,000 horse power R-2800 Double Wasp engine and exhaust turbine made the aircraft necessarily large and heavy, these proved to be no barrier to high performance, and it was utilised not only as an escort to U.S. bombers but its bomb load capacity made it outstanding in the ground attack role.

One of the most notable changes made to the Thunderbolt during the course of production was the installation of a 360 degree, all-round view Bubble Canopy. This was achieved by removing the upper part of rear section of the previous type called Razor Back, and this change was so advantageous in the visibility afforded the pilot. Originally it was intended to introduce this improvement with a new model designated P-47L, but in the event, decided to continue the P-47D series and the introductions were made with the P-47D-25 from Farmingdale and the P-47D-26 from Evansville.


Plastic pieces attached to sprues and moulded in grey.
The surface of the plane is decorated with fully engraved panel lines and rivet detail.
Highly detailed cockpit interior, landing gear, and landing gear bay.
Authentic engine assemblies with propellers.
Underwing accessories such as bombs, rocketry, and extra fuel cells really dress this model up.
Clear plastic canopy allows close inspection of cockpit.
Detailed pictorial instructions guide you through assembly.
One Decal Sheet with Markings for Two Aircraft:
USAAF P-47D-25-RE, Lt. Duane E. Buholz, 509th FS/405th FG..
Royal Air Force Thunderbolt MK. II, No.615 Squadron, India 1945
Airframe Colours:..
Olive Drab, Red, Silver..
Dark Green, Ocean Gray, Medium Sea Grey, White..
Detail Colours: Yellow, Flat Black

Plastic model kit requires glue and paint to complete (not included)



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