Tamiya Mini Acrylic Paints



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Tamiya Color Acrylic paints are made from water soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for brush or airbrush use. In 10ml bottles.





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Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 4.6 × 4 × 4 cm

X1 Gloss Black, X2 Gloss White, X3 Gloss Royal Blue, X4 Gloss Blue, X5 Gloss Green, X6 Gloss Orange, X7 Gloss Red, X8 Gloss Lemon Yellow, X9 Gloss Brown, X10 Gun Metal, X11 Chrome Silver, X12 Gold Leaf, X13 Metallic Blue, X14 Gloss Sky Blue, X15 Gloss Light Green, X16 Gloss Purple, X17 Gloss Pink, X18 Semi Gloss Black, X19 Smoke, X21 Flat Base, X22 Gloss Clear, X23 Clear Blue, X24 Clear Yellow, X25 Clear Green, X26 Clear Orange, X27 Clear Red, X28 Park Green, X31 Titanium Gold, X32 Titanium Silver, X33 Bronze, X34 Metallic Brown, X35 Semi Gloss Clear, XF1 Flat Black, XF2 Flat White, XF3 Flat Yellow, XF4 Yellow Green, XF5 Flat Green, XF6 Copper, XF7 Flat Red, XF8 Flat Blue, XF9 Hull Red, XF10 Flat Brown, XF11 JN Green, XF12 JN Grey, XF13 JA Green, XF14 JA Grey, XF15 Flat Flesh, XF16 Flat Aluminium, XF17 Sea Blue, XF18 Medium Blue, XF19 Sky Grey, XF20 Medium Grey, XF21 Sky, XF22 RLM Grey, XF23 Light Blue, XF24 Dark Grey, XF25 Light Sea Grey, XF26 Deep Green, XF27 Black Green, XF28 Dark Copper, XF49 Khaki, XF50 Field Blue, XF51 Khaki Drab, XF52 Flat Earth, XF53 Neutral Grey, XF54 Dark Sea Grey, XF55 Deck Tan, XF56 Metallic Grey, XF57 Buff, XF58 Olive Green, XF59 Desert Yellow, XF60 Dark Yellow, XF61 Dark Green, XF62 Olive Drab, XF63 German Grey, XF64 Red Brown, XF65 Field Grey, XF66 Light Grey, XF67 NATO Green, XF68 NATO Brown, XF69 NATO Black, XF70 Dark Green 2 (IJN), XF71 Cockpit Green, XF72 Brown (JGSDF), XF73 Dark Green (JGSDF), XF74 Olive Drab (JGSDF), XF75 IJN Grey (Kure Arsenal), XF76 Grey Green (IJN), XF77 IJN Grey (Sasebo Arsenal), XF78 Wooden Deck Tan, XF79 Linoleum Deck Brown, XF80 Royal Light Grey, XF81 Dark Green 2 (RAF), XF82 Ocean Grey (RAF), XF83 Medium Sea Grey 2 (RAF), XF84 Dark Iron, XF85 Rubber Black, XF86 Flat Clear, XF87 IJN Grey (Maizuru Arsenal), XF88 Dark Yellow 2, XF89 Dark Green 2, XF90 Red Brown 2