Tamiya Color Spray For Aircraft



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These spray paints are specially developed for finishing aircraft models. Each colour is formulated to provide the authentic tone to scale model aircraft. Now, the subtle shades can be easily obtained on your models by simple spraying. Each can contains 100ml of synthetic lacquer paint.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 11 cm

AS-1 Dark Green, AS-2 Light Grey, AS-3 Grey Green, AS-4 Grey violet, AS-5 Light blue, AS-6 Olive drab, AS-7 Neutral grey, AS-8 Navy blue, AS-9 Dark green, AS-10 Ocean grey, AS-11 Medium sea grey, AS-12 Bare-metal silver, AS-13 Green, AS-14 Olive green, AS-15 Tan, AS-16 Light grey, AS-17 Dark green (IJA), AS-18 Light grey (IJA), AS-19 Intermediate blue, AS-20 Insignia white, AS-21 Dark green 2 (IJN), AS-22 Dark earth, AS-23 Light green (Luftwaffe), AS-24 Dark green (Luftwaffe), AS-25 Dark ghost grey, AS-26 Light ghost grey, AS-27 Gunship grey 2, AS-27 Gunship grey 2, AS-28 Medium grey, AS-29 Grey green (IJN), AS-30 Dark green 2, AS-31 Ocean grey 2, AS-32 Medium sea grey 2