Horizon’s New Mercury Redstone model

Horizon have added another model to their range from the US Space Program. This is the Mercury Redstone rocket in 1/72 scale.

The Mercury Redstone was used in 1961 to put the first American astronauts into space. This was the start of the American manned space program which led to the Gemini and Apollo missions and man landing on the moon.

The model includes –

Detailed Mercury™ capsule with shingles and bolts

  • Finely detailed Redstone rocket with launch stand
  • Finely engraved recessed panel lines and bolts
  • Parts and decals included to build any Mercury™-Redstone mission
  • Alternate parts for early porthole and boilerplate capsules
  • High quality water-slide decals and detailed instructions included
  • Photo-etch parts for Mercury™- capsule and Redstone booster

Previous Horizon models have been very popular and this one looks just as good. What’s more, they are made in Australia.

Come and see the new Redstone at Hobbyland.


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