Hobbyland HO Scale Brass Consignment Catalogue

The following models are Consignment models. Can only be purchased IN STORE. If you would like any more information/pictures please contact us via email or phone or come in-store where they are on display Available models: ******************************************************************* NSW C32 Class – 3355 Classic Brass $1395 B-141 ______________________________ NSW 44 Class – 4450 Mansfield $695 B-128 ______________________________ …

Peco Static Grass System

Peco have introduced a static grass system. Static grass is applied using a special battery powered applicator which “charges” the grass causing it to land in an upright position. This produces a more natural looking grass scene. We have Peco’s Pro Grass Micro Applicator and a selection of static grasses in stock now at Hobbyland.


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