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Ready-To-Run X200 HO Scale Model
Second Production Run of the X200's have arrived
All X200 models are back in stock!



► Ready-To-Run                                                   

 5 Pole skew wound motor                       

► Blackened metal disc wheels 

► Plastic (ABS) Body                                     

► Heavy metal chassis                               

► Brass flywheel

► Factory painted & decorated                      

► Separately applied metal parts                                                                              

► 18" Recommended minimum radius

► Will operate on code 100, 83 & 75 track    

► Operating Headlights                               

► Genuine Kadee couplers 

► All wheel drive and pickup                         

► DCC Ready 8 pin Socket                         

► 9 Different numbers avaliable

► 6 Different body colour variants avaliable.

​IDR Models X200 Order Forms


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X200 - 1      'NSWGR' Indian Red, Yellow Builders Plate X207

Price:  $255.00                            

X200 - 2     'NSWGR' Indian Red, Yellow Builders Plate, X208

Price:  $255.00                            

X200 - 3     'NSWGR' Indian Red, Black Builders Plate, X210

Price:  $255.00                            

X200 - 4     'PTC' Indian Red, With Egg L7 Logo, X212
Price:  $255.00                            
X200 - 5     'PTC' Indian Red, With Stripe and L7 Logo, X214
Price:  $255.00                            
X200 - 6      'SRA' Candy, X215
Price:  $255.00                            

X200 - 7      'SRA' Blue, X209

Price:  $255.00                            

X200 - 8     'SRA' Green, X216

Price:  $255.00                            

X200 - 9      Freight Rail Blue, X107

Price:  $255.00                            


​IDR Models X200 Order Forms


Click Here to Download Order Form


Prototype Information

New South Wales X200 class locomotive

The X200 class were a class of rail tractors introduced in 1963 and operated by the New South Wales Government Railways of Australia. They were a development of the smaller and less numerous X100 class. The X200 class remained in service until 1990 when they were either withdrawn or sold off to private companies, and some remain operational today.


The Mark 2 series

The Mark 2 series of the X200 class were different again. Twelve examples were built and numbered X207-X218.

They were built on the outer bogies of the AD60 Beyer-Garratt class locomotives. Their engines were more powerful rated at 290 hp (220 kW) at 2,100 rpm and they had a higher top speed of 32 mph. This made them more practical for light line use. One was even rostered on to the Yass Tramway, previously the domain of the Z13 class tank locomotives. The Z13 class were called back to Yass during periods after the X-200 failed due to transmission faults. The exterior design of the Mark 2 was squarer, giving it the appearance of a baby-brother to the 49 class diesel locomotives.

The first six were built in 1967. The second six being an additional order, were placed into traffic from May 1968, with the final member of the class entering service in December 1968. Despite differences in engine horsepower ratings, both variants were rated as having a tractive effort of 17,750 lbf (79.0 kN). This was more powerful than many of the typical small and workshop steam shunting locomotives of the time.


The X200 class must be considered largely successful, as they began to replace the various ageing steam shunting locomotives in various depots of the time. They were cleaner, more efficient to run, requiring less maintenance, and also giving locomotive crews more comfortable working conditions. Another indicator of the class' success is that several examples are still operational even today, at an age of around 45 years! Unfortunately, with the volatile and ever-changing nature of rail transport companies in the modern day, it is hard to keep a 100% accurate listing of their current owners and operational areas.

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